Can You Believe the Sticks on This Guy's Face Are Actually Bugs?

Illustration for article titled Can You Believe the Sticks on This Guys Face Are Actually Bugs?

Hey crazy people, don't you ever stop being crazy. Even though I don't understand you, you give me so much joy. Like this guy! Look how happy he is! Happy to have his face covered with a bunch of stick bugs.


Apparently, he pulled this stunt off to mark the opening of the Bugs Garden habitat at Wild life Sydney. I don't know what else to say other than those bugs are flipping gigantic and if I saw one in real life I'd toss it as fast as I could. I definitely would not let them poke their uncanny stick-like self up my nose. [BuzzFeed, Image Credit: Getty]

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If he can get used to that, maybe he can get used to this.