Canada is Cold, but not That Cold!

Although the northern town of Yellowknife feels a bit surreal in the summer with endless days of midnight-sun, forecasting -94°C with at least a half-meter of snow and an additional 5 centimeters of rain seems a bit extreme.

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Aside from being a game of, "Which of these is not like the others," the forecast appears to have been a temporary glitch on the Weather Network. Only a few hours later, the weekly forecast is now showing a far more plausible low of 4°C for Thursday in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Even so, I'd love to know what kind of model suddenly spits out that sudden drop in temperature, and just how bad the spit-take was when the meteorologist noticed the glitch.

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Thanks to Josh Metcalfe for the tip, image, and reminder that once again I'm oh-so-glad to live where I do, with neither apocalyptic plagues of grasshoppers nor sub-terrifying temperatures.

Update: I bragged about my nice, normal climate too soon! Apparently the glitch was widespread, as Greg Shepard pointed out that while Vancouver can avoid the sudden deluge with no predicted precipitation, the Weather Network informed us we're suddenly going to be nose-diving to far-below-scarily-freezing for Thursday.

Anyone else getting ridiculously implausible forecasts for this week? Any chance I've got a meteorologist-reader who can explain what's happening?

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Your summers are colder than my winters here in Aus. If I found myself living in Canada Id walk to mexico.