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Canadian cryptid coins are the most bad-ass currency in the history of legal tender

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Most of us are accustomed to money covered with dead historical figures and scenic historical monuments. In the Great White North, they are minting commemorative coins adorned with Québécois lake dragons and underwater panthers. If you live anywhere but Canada, your money officially sucks.

These two coins were designed by illustrator Emily Samstra for the Royal Canadian Mint. First off, we have Memphré, a serpentine cryptid:

Memphré's dragon-like head peers from the waves as its serpentine body propels it through the waters of Lake Memphremagog. The mountain in the background echoes the rolling landscape of Quebec's Eastern Townships [...] Lake Memphremagog is located about 150 km (93 mi) southeast of Montreal; a long, narrow lake that runs north-south across the border into Vermont. First Nations legends from the area speak of mysterious monsters lurking in the lake. Official records begun in 1816 reveal as many as eight sightings every year; the majority of them confirmed by numerous, independent eyewitness accounts.


Next up is Mishepishu. Here's the rundown on this feline being (via the Canadian Mint):

For centuries, Ojibwe legends have described a mysterious creature lurking in the depths of Lake Superior. They call it Mishepishu, which means "Great Lynx", to describe its wildcat shape.

This clever shape-shifter is also believed to swim the waters of Lake Ontario and other Great Lakes in order to protect the precious copper found in the rocks throughout the region. Chances are, you'll never be quick enough to spot it among the waves.


Yes, there is legal tender out there decorated with a creature who answers to "the fabulous night panther." Let that marinate for a moment.

Both of these coins will set you back $24.95 in Canadian Dollars. The Canadian Mint also has a Sasquatch coin for sale. When a coin emblazoned with Sasquatch is somehow the least interesting of your moneys, you're doing something terribly right.

[Via Emily Damstra]