Canary: This Might Be Your Home Security System of The Future

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Things that were once dumb are now smart. At least that's the trend for home appliances as of late. Canary, the self-proclaimed world's first smart home security system, is launching today on Indiegogo and it might actually work.


Crammed into the cylindrical tube is a menagerie of sensors and doohickeys that when combined form the Voltron of home security systems that learns and purportedly improves based on user behavior. Oh, and it takes less than 30 seconds to set up.

So what's inside? All of this:

  • HD Camera w/ Night Vision and 170 degree wide angle lens

  • Wi-Fi

  • High quality microphone speaker
  • Siren 

  • RGB LEDs
3-axis accelerometer

  • Motion detection (Passive Infrared)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor 

  • Air quality sensor

Not a bad mix but where Canary has the potential to really shine is in its software offering. By tapping into all the aforementioned sensors, the Canary app will be able to relay a plethora of information in real-time and learn a thing or two about you.

Learning user habits to improve services isn't the easiest thing to do but Canary geofences a user's device to automatically arm or disarm the system, for example.

Even better, Canary only records and stores video, for example, when certain parameters are triggered into what it thinks is an event. Or, if the temperature in the home exceeds a certain range, you'll get a notification that something could be potentially wrong. You then have the option to just tap into the lifestream to check things out.

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Canary is an interesting option for renters because the system is all-in-one and can be transported with ease. Setup is simple and all one needs to do is hardline Canary to a user's device using a 3.5mm audio cable and connecting to one's home network.


Canary launches today on Indiegogo and will retail for $200 if and when it eventually launches. Additional services will be tacked on for users to pick from, like unlimited video storage. Shipping is said to be somewhere around Q1 of next year, but as is always the case with crowdfunded projects, take that—and its final feature list—with a very healthy grain of salt. [Indiegogo via Canary]


SD Gator

This would make a great baby monitor or nanny cam. Or something to watch your dog while you are away.

But I'm not sure how it works well as a full security system unless you have a studio or small apartment. For a house you would have to get one of these for every entry and possibly every room.