Canon Announcing Digital Rebel XTi or EOS 5D Successor Jan. 24

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Swedish Canon exec Robert Westin has apparently told the (also Swedish) site Kamerabild that Canon's announcing a new DSLR on Jan. 24, a week before PMA. The obvious choices are updates to either the Digital Rebel XTi (aka EOS 400D) or EOS 5D, since they're the two DSLR lines that've gone the longest without an update.

We might see updates to both at PMA, given that Canon's last freshly baked goods came out dualie style and the veep said Canon would be dropping more stuff next year than they did this year. If you didn't already ask Santa for a new DSLR for Christmas, it might pay off to wait a tick to see what Canon's got up its sleeve. [Kamerabild via Photography Bay via Engadget]