Canon Clear to Resurrect SED Technology But Might Not

Illustration for article titled Canon Clear to Resurrect SED Technology But Might Not

Remember SED? It's a display technology that promised to be as thin as LCD and as beautiful as CRT. Dropping jaws during 2006 press demonstrations, SED has since been buried by lawsuits. Now it's back, maybe.


Applied Nanotech filed a suit with Canon back in 2005, alleging that while their SED tech was legally licensed to Canon, that license did not cover a Canon/Toshiba partnership. Canon lost the suit, won the appeal and eventually bought Toshiba's stake in SED.

While not happy with the outcome, Applied Nanotech is done with legal fighting. Feeling that they cannot win a Supreme Court decision on the sublicensing of their technology, they've given up...leaving Canon in the clear to move forward with SED.

Meanwhile, Canon has already begun investing in their own non-SED alternative. Their president stated that now is a bad time to introduce new (expensive) technologies (like SED) as "people would laugh at them." [Financial Times via OLED Display]



If SEDs would have come out two years ago, like they were suppose to, they might have been able to grab a small portion of the HDTV market, but they've missed to boat. To introduce it now is pointless.

Way to go Applied Nanotech you just sued your technology and yourself out of existence.