Looks like it's light out for Canon's 20Da, a unique but short-lived digital SLR designed for taking images of the night sky. Canon will close the shutter on the 8.2MP 20Da as of April 21st to make way for the new Canon 30D, according to DigitalCameraInfo.com. There was no word yet on whether a possible replacement for the 20Da—a 30Da perhaps—was in the works but it appears that this specialty model would be a "one-off" product for Canon. The 20Da, which was introduced last June, shared the same basic specs of the 20D but was designed to meet the needs of astrophotographers and included such features as a live preview LCD and a modified low-pass filter that was optimized to take pictures of the night sky in crisp detail. Though the 20Da was hailed for its ability to photograph such phenomena as red nebulae, appeal for the $2,200 camera was limited to astrophotographers and fans of the now defunct TV series, the X-Files.—Dan Havlik

Canon to Discontinue EOS 20Da [Digital Camera Info]