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"Canon" Turns Plants, Flowers Into Speakers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Music Bird Corporation has developed a fantastic new product that is only slightly tainted by their ad-copy flim-flammery — the "Canon," a series of vases and flower pots that actually use the leaves and flowers of plants as speakers. The Canon (a play on Japanese words for flower ("ka") and sound ("non")) uses an acrylic tube to vibrate the flowers, adding directionless sound, which the creators of the product admonish "raise[s] the healing effects" by adding the missing fifth dimension of sound (I hadn't realized flowers had any healing effects at all, besides mending broken hearts. (I'm puking, too.))

The Canon vibro-vegetables will be available in limited quantities this month for prices between $45 and $450, in a variety of styles.
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