Canon's Camera of the Future

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At the World Expo 2010, Canon revealed a concept-car-like vision of the future called the Wonder Camera, the camera they see us all using in a few decades. The interesting part? It doesn't take pictures.

(See info on the camera 3 minutes in to that clip.)

Instead, it's a video-only device that shoots extremely high resolution, so high, in fact, that if you fail to take advantage of the integrated mega-zoom, mega-stabilized, perpetual-focus lens at the time of shooting, you can zoom into your shot later without noticeable image loss. To snag your still, just pause the video. Each frame is a usable photo unto itself.


Yes, Canon's camera of tomorrow sounds a lot like the camera of today, only better.

Other tidbits include a seamless body and touchscreen controls. But frankly, if I don't control every gadget I own through digital ponytail sodomy by 2030, no pretty camera is going to make the world tolerable enough to live in. [Gizmag via planet5D]



So basically... You take a video of what you want to take a picture of and then you watch the video and... take a picture of what you wanted to take a picture of by taking a still of the video and.... and...

This seems so odd... Yup, definitely the future.