Canon's New Tiny Video Camera Is For Filming Yourself Doing...Whatever

Canon's new Vixia Mini is a Wi-Fi enabled camcorder designed to help you document your everyday life in more detail than ordinary folk ever thought possible. No other people required.

The slim-bodied pocket camera from Canon's camcorder team is different from a rugged GoPro or that old Flip camera you've got tucked away in a drawer somewhere. The $300 Vixia Mini weighs just 5.6 ounces and is slim enough that you can tuck it away in your pocket until it's time for action.

The idea is that you can carry the Vixia Mini around with you wherever you go and then when the moment is right, say at Mount Rushmore or in your kitchen, the camera will be there for you. Just pop-out the built-in legs and the 2.7-inch touchscreen and hit record. The screen tilts 170 degrees so you can look at yourself while you're doing whatever it is that you thought important enough to record. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to both control the Vixia Mini remotely via a smartphone app, and transfer your 1920 x 1080 mp4 videos (or 12.8 megapixel stills) to other Wi-Fi devices.

Clearly, this camera is targeted at all the wannabe Justin Biebers of the world. And there are a lot of them, so we're looking forward to seeing what magic they put together when the Vixia Mini is available in September.

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