Capture Full 3D Models In Seconds With Just Your Phone

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Just a few months ago, we go our first look at the 3D photo-app Seene. But now, instead of just turning photos into a parallax party trick, the app's next update will let you make full fledged, textured 3D models. And judging from the preview below, it looks positively awesome.

The app itself doesn't require any sort of external sensor or hardware. Instead, Seene breaks the object you're shooting into individual points and calculates depth based on how they distort as you move your phone.

It's the same basic idea behind the parallax-dependent version, but now, it's been turned into something that's actually useful. Because if what we're seeing is actually true, you could even turn your models into something to be used for 3D printing.


That being said, there's always the possibility this won't work quite as well as we hope. But at the very least, it should be a hell of a lot of fun to play with. [Seene]