Take And Share 3D Images Like It's No Big Deal

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What we experience in real life isn't enough, so our digital lives are becoming more and more 3D. iOS 7 has parallax, movies want you to feel like you've been hit in the face with a satellite, and lots of developers have been trying to make 3D photography easy. Seene for iOS seems like a solid step.

Basically the app works by breaking the object you're shooting down into points and then calculating depth based on how those points move and distort as you move your phone around while shooting the image. Once it has generated the picture, Seene shows off the 3D effect based on the accelerometer in the iPhone, meaning that you can track around an image by tilting your phone. There are a bunch of examples over on Seene's Tumblr. In a browser you get the 3D motion by hovering and moving around the image with your mouse.


There are definitely limitations. The app requires good light and does better with mapping a single defined object, or group of distinguishable objects. But for what it claims to do, Seene delivers well. It's free in the App Store and works on most iDevices. Might pack more of a punch to give social media friends a three dimensional reminder of how much they're missing out by not living your life. [TechCrunch]

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Dunno that I'd call the photos 3D per se - but it definitely takes the parallax effect and makes it more pronounced. Will need to play with it a bit myself before I'm sold on it - not sure how often I'd be like "Wow, that *insert object here* is sticking out just perfectly...."

Took a shot of my dog - its sorta cool, but unless you want to send stuff to tumblr/facebook I don't see any way of getting them OUT of the app and just, say, saving them to the photo app so you could use them as a background/lock screen. That's a definite failing to me.