Car-to-Car Chat: Sony Patents Talking Headlights

Illustration for article titled Car-to-Car Chat: Sony Patents Talking Headlights

This idea of communicating from car to car seems to be gaining some traction, and Sony is next with a patent that uses powerful LEDs built in to car headlights that flash encoded messages similar to Morse code, but a whole lot faster. A highly responsive light sensor on another car would decode these rapidly flashing light messages. Sony's thinking also about implementing the technology for transmitting traffic light countdowns. Hey, that could be useful.


We're just thinking that if this isn't voice-controlled, the idea of people typing out furious messages while barreling down the highway is not exactly safe. For added convenience, perhaps Sony could just install a "fuck you" button...? Seems like an extended middle finger would do the job just as well. We're also wondering how well this might work on a bright, sunny day.


Car-to-car chit-chat [New Scientist, via OhGizmo]

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