CardioPocket: Is that an EKG in Your Pocket?

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The CardioPocket by CardioSen'C isn't just another wallet, though we're guessing you knew that since the word "cardio" is attached to the (can I pull off the word "bloody" here?) thing.

Designed to function as a normal wallet during the day, at night (after several hours of boozing and dancing), Grandpa can feel confident that those chest pains are just from the stripper heels. By simply holding the CardioPocket to his chest, Grandpa can transmit a real-time electrocardiogram to a remote monitoring center over the phone.

Then hopefully, the monitor center will inform Grandpa that he is merely "tripping balls" again and to get home safely. While we're not sure of the price, similar devices can be built for around $20. They just might not hold his Scores punch card in so much pleather style.

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