Carpet Alarm Clock

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Fumbling around for the alarm clock in the morning is second place only to getting elbowed in the ribs because we can't find the alarm clock when it comes to things we don't look forward to when we wake up. That's why this alarm clock mat design by Sofie Collin & Gustav Lanberg is so great.


Not only does it display the time in the middle, you turn off the alarm by firmly planting both feet onto its carpety exterior. There's little chance of misplacing this alarm, unless of course you've got a dog that really enjoys rugs.

Stand Up To Wake Up, Simple As That [Yanko Design via Geekologie]

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Umm, why not just put the alarm clock away from the bed (like on the dresser), which would also force the recent sleeper to completely get out of bed to turn it off? It's funny how in the description of the product, it says to put it farther away from the bed for a real challenge. Heh.