Casio Exilim EX-Z5: Simple Shooter

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Casio cranks out another Exilim with the EX-Z5, this one a 5-megapixel shooter with 3x optical zoom and pretty big 2.5-inch finder. It looks like the emphasis is on ease of use with this model, with its Easy Mode that prevents any adjustment other than just pushing the button.

Casio also slightly raises the bar in the speed department, where there's a Rapid Flash function that snaps three quick shots in less than a second, along with a Soft Flash capability that sounds mildly innovative. The camera also has a weird feature called Revive Shot, which helps you take pictures of pictures in an old photo album and then does the color correction in-camera for you. We're thinking that might best be left to Photoshop. Look for the EX-Z5 by the end of this month; pricing wasn't available yet but its predecessor, the EX-Z55, runs around $250.


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