Casio Pathfinder Measures Altitude and Tides; Oceanus For Divers With Dough

Coming off those fresh G-Shocks from May, Casio has a couple of high-end watches for the sporty-types out now. Up first is the Pathfinder 1500, a rugged looking digital piece crammed with gadgets and sensors for all activities including an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, tide graph, moon graph, and Multi-Band atomic timekeeping. It's solar powered, water resistant to 200M and it runs $350-$400 depending on the band. Check out the diver-centric Oceanus and some high-res pics down below.


The Oceanus Cachalot is a good looking timepiece for serious divers. The 200M water resistant analog watch has an anti-reverse bezel, yacht racing timer, titanium band, and a sapphire glass coated face for scratch resistance. It also runs on solar power and uses Multi-Band, and is priced for the Yacht rock set at $1200.



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