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Casio Taps the 1980s for Its Retro Line of Smart (Looking) Watches

Illustration for article titled Casio Taps the 1980s for Its Retro Line of Smart (Looking) Watches

These days only people going for the ironic look would consider a gold digital watch a classy way to spruce up an outfit, but back in the 1980s they were cutting edge technology and high style. So Casio is bringing back a small collection of its swankiest designs in gold and silver for all you hipsters looking to complement your spats.


The silver versions are just $30 each, while the gold models run between $40 and $65. And as far as functionality goes, the watches are only smart in terms of style. All you get is basic time and date functionality, an LED backlight, a single alarm, a countdown timer, and a stopwatch. And yet another chance to look back and mock the 1980s. [Casio via Chip Chick]

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They should bring back the Data Watch Data-2000...That kicked butt, It was helpful in High School during test