Cat Desktop Bed Is a Good Idea, But Cats Will Never Go For It

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Our resident cat expert, Mark Wilson, tells me that cats will never go for this desktop cat bed. It's not that it's a bad idea—a clamp-on bed so your cat can sit close to your hands, but not close enough to mash keys on your keyboard—but it's just impractical. Mark claims his cat loves jumping in his arm, his hands and his stomach whenever he's doing work. This bed would just give the cat a little perch to leap off. Just look at the cat's eye language. It's saying, "watch out bitch, here I come." [The Refined Feline via DVICE via Oh Gizmo via Geekologie via MAKE]



There are two places my cat likes to be when I'm at my desk.

1) Right in the gap between the edge of the keyboard and the edge of the desk. This makes typing quite difficult.

2) Next to the keyboard, on the right side. This makes mousing quite difficult.

That cat bed thing will never work because the reason your cat is on your desk is because it wants attention and therefore will put itself in what it knows to be the inconvenient place for you.