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Catching lobsters with your bare hands looks hilariously impossible

Because my only experiences with live lobsters are when they're on display in tanks at restaurants or used for poses in photographs, I never knew how insanely quick they can be. And because I didn't know they had cat-like reflexes, I never knew how hilarious it is to watch people fail at catching them. Now I know.


It's so great. I love it when animals outsmart our bumbly bodies. But of course we then ruin it by using tools to overfish them.

And here's a video of a successful catch. Pro tip: use a net.

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Heh, I used to hunt them when I was stationed out in Hawaii, and later in the Caribbean. Those things are a pain in the butt if you try to catch them that way. You're not allowed to spear them, but it's totally ok to use a bag and a "tickle stick" to get them to come out from their hiding spots during the day.

We did have a little luck hunting them at night with one person shining a light and the other sneaking up on them, kind of like the first video. It was still pretty hit or miss, and since I'm not a fan of night diving (Seriously in my mind I imagined that there was a shark in all the spots that didn't have light in them, so everywhere) I just decided I preferred to hunt them with the stick and bag method.