CBS's March Madness On Demand iPhone App Streams Every Game, Almost Gets It Right

Illustration for article titled CBSs March Madness On Demand iPhone App Streams Every Game, emAlmost/em Gets It Right

An iPhone app streaming every game of the NCAA tournament, one of the year's most joyous events, is totally a good use of $5. If I didn't have to watch only on wi-fi.


Granted, there are a few scenarios I could imagine where this would work—leeching free wi-fi while on the go, at a friend's house who insists on watching Dancing With the Stars instead, etc, but in most cases, if you can connect to a wi-fi network, chances are you're probably near a computer, where you can enjoy every game streaming on demand for free.

But if you're a total junkie and can imagine being in one of said useful situations, this is for you. Although if you know how maddening it can be to suck down CBS's often overloaded streams via their web interface, you might want to prepare for spinning wheels of delay with this app. We'll see how it goes. [iTunes]

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now, if only i liked sports. this is baseball, right?