CCTV Birdhouse Isn't Fooling Anyone

Illustration for article titled CCTV Birdhouse Isn't Fooling Anyone

At first glance this phony CCTV might be a convincing theft deterrent, but I would imagine that all the birds and poop covering it might be a dead giveaway. [manufactum via Boing Boing]


This is one of those head-scratcher products. What in the hell were they thinking? If I want a birdhouse, I'll buy one that looks like a birdhouse, a nice one, something "woodsy" or "birdsy", not a damned Proteus knockoff (bonus points for the first person to get the reference).

And if I want a fake security camera to fool stupid thieves (are there any other type?), then I want it to look like, and only like, a security camera. Jesus, whoever is making this thing, don't be so damned ... wait for it ... it's coming ... bird brained.

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