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Travis and I just rolled in last night and immediately hunted down the best and brightest here in Hannover. It's violently cold here, horrible snow, and the expo center is huge-normous.

Thus far we've found quite a lot of the same-old-same-old—MP3 players we'll never see, cameras that kick ass that we'll never see, and laptops that look amazing and we'll never see. But we've got lots of new mobiles and PCs, including video of the Q1 from Samsung, one of the first UMPCs. Your first amazing shot from CeBIT—the Samsung SCHWANG chair featuring a strange, bulbous appendage that could do some damage.


We'll be posting more goodies as we spot them. We'll be needing input from you all as to what you'd like to see here at the show. Drop me a line at john at bigwidelogic dot com—that's the mobile email that's working for me right now—or SMS me at 12067537175. If you're at the show and want to suck down a Spaten later on, drop us a line as well.