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While we're on the subject of technology to keep us off our feet and on the couch—are we ever really off it? — Logitech introduced new remote controls at CEDIA, the Harmony 9800 Pro and 895. Logitech welcomes these remotes to the family with its first implementation of RF to IR relaying ($99 transceiver), which means you can at least walk to the fridge while controlling your AV system. Furthermore a RF to USB remote option is available ($99 transceiver) for controlling various computer functions from the remote. Logitech claims that the remotes have the ability to control components in multiple locations, unlike most RF remotes that utilize a single IR emitter. The 890 Pro will be available in November for a suggested price of $449 in the U.S. and the 895 (with its dedicated Teletext buttons) will become available in Europe for a price to be determined.

Press Release [Logitech]


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