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More remotes for all you couch potatoes out there. Philips introduced it's latest way to "give technology the finger" with the new beautiful color Pronto TSU7500 and the greyscale TSU3500 programmable remote controls at CEDIA. Both remotes have 3.8 inch TFT LCD displays and include more hard buttons than the units they replace. The new remotes incorporate the ability to relay IR over RF, and appear to quite tolerant of RF noise, when used with the new RFX6500 RF module. Even when there is noise in the system, the RFX6500 will not relay it to devices, as the Prontos use a signal in the RF that lets the receiver know to only relay Pronto signals. The units also work with charging stations and NiMH batteries that power the units for "a couple of weeks." The TSU7500 and TSU3500 have MSRPs of $999 and $499 respectively.


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