Cellphone Disco Boogies Into NextFest

This is the Cell Phone Disco by Informationlab at NextFest '07, it's basically a large wall covered in LED's. These LED's only turn on when in the presence of the same electromagnetic interference (EMI) that comes from a cellphone. So when you use your cellphone in the presence of the Disco you can "see" the EMI noise emanating from your phone. [Product Page via NextFest]



"Jeff Han, who some would call the father of multitouch interfaces"

No offense Blam, but you need to read up on Krueger, Wellner, Buxton, etc. Multitouch and natural language gesture interfaces go back to the early 80's. Jeff posted some videos of an affordable, yet bulky, projector / IR display system, and people automatically assume he's the "father of multitouch." That's like someone claiming I invented the Snickers because I designed a big cheep candy bowl.