Cellphone Service Hitting NYC Subways to Both Delight and Dismay

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New Yorkers, get ready to either cough up blood or throw your arms up in the air and make jazz hands for joy: cellphone service is hitting a select several subway stations. If you're an AT&T or T-Mobile customer.

In what might be the last joint action between the two companies before they get their stomachs kicked in by the federal government, customers of the two carriers can chat, text, send email, and all the other fun phone things. But, the NYT reports, it'll be confined to very few spots as a trial:

The pilot program will introduce cellphone reception to the C-E platforms at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue, and three other stations along West 14th Street: the A, C, E and L platforms at Eighth Avenue; the F, M and L platforms at Sixth Avenue; and the Seventh Avenue station that serves the Nos. 1, 2, and 3 lines.


This is great news, if you love using your phone everywhere. Or horrible news, if the thought of people talking in the subway sounds awful. I completely sympathize with the latter camp—I mean, loud, obnoxious behavior in the New York subway?! What's next? Train delays? [NYT]

Photo: Ed Yourdon