Chalk Markers Let Kids Tag the World Without Breaking the Law

If you're a well-known street artist who wants your legacy to live on through your kids, you're going to want to get them comfortable with graffiti at a young age. Except that handing a three-year-old a can of spray paint or a thick indelible marker is a terrible idea. They need to hone their skills with something considerably less permanent—like this marker-shaped piece of chalk for making graffiti that's only temporary.

You can of course get large chunks of chalk for far less than $20, but the MFMarker (short for My First Marker) will get little hands used to holding and working with the chunky markers that they'll one day use to tag the insides of subway cars or vandalize mailboxes. But until that time comes, they'll be limited to creating their graffiti art on sidewalks or brick walls that can be easily hosed off or cleaned away by a rain shower. [Baschz via Notcot]


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