Changing Cupboard: Transforming Surfaces

The Changing Cupboard was featured at the Milan Furniture Fair 2007. While scholars will enjoy the social critique of the print medium's reaction to everyday events, I'm mesmerized by the ad-free use of two-panel billboard technologies in the living room.


Note to self: redecorate home with 100% pixel design.

Second note to self: make sure wife is out of the house during project.

Changing Cupboard [blographic]


OMG! A fabulous fabulous place to put all those aging pronage tapes. 1 Panel totally respectable and then when the cats away the stars come out to play.... with a cupboard to match :D

Maybe those optimus guys will come out with a similar cupboard with OLEDs built into each square and ya could, ya could... nah i lost it. Thought i had a good idea brewing then. Ahhh it would take them a few millenia to release it anyway : /


Narnia is the film where Santa Clause gives weapons to small children isn't it? : / hmmm Might have made more sence if he gave them an iPhone with googleearth so they could get themselves home and back to bed. Cheeky little monkeys!