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Channel 4 has cancelled Utopia

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Oh no. Channel 4's dark conspiracy thriller Utopia was one of the most exciting new series coming out of the UK lately - but it won't be coming back. The broadcaster has confirmed that the show is not being picked up for a third series.


In Utopia, Dennis Kelly had crafted an intense, beautifully plotted show that took a deep, twisted look at paranoia and controlling the world's population in the 21st century - one that had only really just gotten started in exploring its ideas in the second series, which concluded earlier this year. The writer had hoped to get a third series, but alas, brilliant television does not necessarily guarantee brilliant ratings - and Channel 4 has decided to cut the show short in favour of creating new drama series.

Speaking to Den of Geek, who broke the news, a Spokesperson for the broadcaster had this to offer:

Utopia is truly channel-defining: strikingly original, powered by Dennis Kelly's extraordinary voice and brought to life in all its technicolor glory through Marc Munden's undeniable creative flair and vision, the team at Kudos delivered a series which has achieved fervent cult status over two brilliantly warped and nail-biting series. It also has the honour of ensuring audiences will never look at a spoon in the same way again. It's always painful to say goodbye to shows we love, but it's a necessary part of being able to commission new drama, a raft of which are launching on the channel throughout 2015.


Let's hope that whatever Channel 4 has planned for new drama next year, it can fill the hole in our hearts Utopia has left behind - a show that was truly like no other. At least there's the David Fincher remake to look forward to.

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Yeah, shame this didn't get the love it deserved. This site actually introduced me to the show with a glowing review of the first episode, but coverage on here pretty much dropped off entirely.