Charge Your iPhone with Burning Pine Cones

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The first time we saw the BioLite camping stove, it was a fantastic idea that seemed sadly like vaporware. Now it's real, redesigned, available for sale at $130, and will be awesome for wilderness geeks everywhere.


The idea is brilliantly simple: burn whatever you find in the woods—sticks, leaves, pinecones, whatever—and let the stove transform the heat into electricity you can use to charge via USB—and it should provide about the same output as your laptop. No bulky solar panels, no extra battery packs—though it will add an extra two pounds to your kit. And since it's a real fire and not some extra charging gadget, you can actually use it to boil water and cook with—and that's really why you're sitting out in the wood anyway, right? [BioLite via BoingBoing]


it says its clean energy, but isn't it quite the opposite, your burning quite a lot of wood and releasing a good amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. But then again people will still make fires so might as well waste less of those flames and I guess it is greener than only having the fire.