On today, the high holy day of frenzied consumerism, please take a moment to reflect on your position of relative privilege in these uncertain times. Let us not forget the real trials and hardships of people both around the world and around this country while we vapidly argue the perceived advantages between competing operating systems. If you have doubts, just let Charles Bradley, the Screaming Eagle Of Soul, be your guide.


Equal parts Otis Redding and James Brown, Charles Bradley has only recently achieved professional acclaim. As he states in "Why Is It So Hard," Bradley was born in 1948 and raised by his grandmother in Gainesville, Florida until age 8 when his mother took him back to Brooklyn, NY. After running away from home at age 16, Bradley worked odd jobs in the Northeast for over a decade before hitchhiking West over the course of the next two. It wasn't until 2011, when Bradley was performing as the James Brown cover "Black Velvet" that he was discovered by Daptones Records and became the front man of the Menahan Street Band. The Band's latest album, Victim of Love, dropped earlier this year. Get it on Amazon.

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