Charlie Brown Heads to Riverdale in Jimmy Fallon's Peanuts Spoof

You’ll never see the Peanuts gang the same way again.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently aired a Riverdale parody starring the kids from the Peanuts comic strip. Charlie Brown (played by Fallon himself), Lucy, Schroeder, and the rest of the gang are having dramatic fun, playing dramatic football... when suddenly, Linus’ body is found in the pumpkin patch.

Everyone’s totally bummed about the crime; Lucy wants the find the killer, but a depressed Charlie Brown turns to his awful EDM music to soothe the pain. The whole thing ends with, what else, a big school dance. The Peanuts kids do their silly repetitive dance... as the actual kids from Riverdale look on in horror.


The short is fun, and it nails Riverdale pretty well—the overdramatic acting, a fabulous Lucy moto-jacket, and even Charlie Brown’s affair with his “wah-wah” speaking teacher. The only thing missing was Shirtless Charlie. Granted, there’s no way in hell I want to see Fallon’s naked chest, but let’s be honest... without Shirtless Archie, there’s no Riverdale.



But what about this?