CheaterCam to Bust Cheaters in Online Classes

The rise of online classes at colleges and universities has brought with it a rise in cheating by unscrupulous students who know there's nothing to stop them from busting out the textbook during a test if they're taking it at home in their underwear. Well, we all know how teachers feel about cheating: They're against it. Well, some schools are calling on gadgets to help prevent remote cheating.

Alabama's Troy University plans to force students taking online classes to install 360-degree webcams for test-taking. Special software will be able to automatically detect "suspicious activity" for the professor to check out later. How that software will work is beyond me, but boy am I glad Blam doesn't have a webcam trained on me while I work from home. There's a lot of "suspicious activity" going on that is just none of his damned business.


AP [via The Raw Feed]

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