Kinja's front page publishes the best and most popular stories and discussions published in the Kinja platform—all of Gawker Media and these great Kinja blogs:


The Dogs | News, training tips and cool videos about dogs.


Dodge & Burn | The life of New York City captured in photos.

Photography | A collection of really awesome photos from all over the world.

Thought Bubble | Comicbook news and culture.

Word and Film | News and thoughts on movies and literature.


Autoweekusa | Reviews, news, and videos from AutoWeek.

Detroit | Tales from the car center of the world.

Drive | The best videos in the automotive universe.

Hooniverse | Dispatches from the weird and wonderful world of cars.

Oppositelock | Car lovers talking about cars and car culture.

Ride Apart | Dedicated to everything on two wheels.

Road & Track | The official Kinja of America's most storied car magazine.

Shakedown | Racer/Commentator Leo Parente's take on motorsports.


Defamer | Hollywood news and gossip.

Playboy Safe for Work | The great interviews and articles in-between the nudies.


Architizer | The official Kinja of the best architecture blog.

Leg Godt | The latest Lego news and the coolest models.


Foodspin | Taste tests, no frills recipes and cooking tips.

This is why you're fat | Diabolically irresistible food inventions.


Animal Crossing | All about Nintendo's game/parallel dimension.

Talk amongst yourselves | Gamers talking about current gaming news and culture.

General interest


Crosstalk | Gawker's readers forum.


American Museum of Natural History | The official Kinja of the venerable NYC museum.


Observation Deck | The conversation hub for lovers of all things sci-fi and fantasy.

Space | Awesome stuff on human space exploration and astronomy.

Shopping & deals


Dealzmodo | Save money on electronics.




Sidespin | Sports fans talking about sports culture and events.

The Stacks | A living archive of great sports journalism.


Hackerspace | A place for life hackers to gather and share their favorite tips.

Paleofuture | A blog that looks into the future that never was.

Upgrade | Humans modifying their bodies with technology

Valleywag | Gossip and news from Silicon Valley.

Whitenoise | Gizmodo's readers forum.


Roadtrippers | Cool, weird and wonderful American roadtrip guides.


Groupthink | Jezebel's readers forum.

Powder Room

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