Check Out Roku's Remote App For iOS

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Roku owners: Get psyched! You can now control your media streamers with a new, official iOS app with what looks like a sweet interface and gesture controls.


The new official Roku app gives you touch and swipe control over your Roku player. It has "buttons" (they're not really buttons, dig?) for all your favorite functions: Instant replay! Back! Options! You can browse and add hundreds of channels through the Roku store. Oh what now? You're a Roku power user ? With Rokus all over your pad? No problem, the app even allows you to switch between them. [iTunes via Engadget]


FACEMAN. The man with a face.

Sweet! Now instead of using the remote my roku came with that works just fine I can complicate the process by waiting for an app to load having to connect everything!

seriously. this feels like one of those "progress for the sake of progress" things...

Granted, if I could control my TV with my phone (and I am aware that this is possible with some, but it is not with mine), Then I could consolidate, or if I had more than one TV/ruku setup and somehow kept mixing up the remotes (I guess it could happen?), but sadly all this would do it over complicate my netflixing, which is already buggy at now when I get mad and want to throw the remote it just happens to cost more...

I'll pass for me when it does something useful...