ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine Celebrates Gluttony

Illustration for article titled ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine Celebrates Gluttony

And saves you needlessly wasting calories on, you know, cooking for yourself, or hitting up a cafe.


Clearly aimed at coffee shops and shut-ins, the $3500 device (yeah, you read that right) spits out perfectly formed four-inch pancakes at a rate of 200 per hour. ChefStack says its pancake mix is also 97% fat free, so though you'll be poor, you'll at least be guilt-free. [ChefStack via Uncrate]

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So it makes generic low-fat pancakes? I'll skip any cafe that goes to these lengths.

And as far as my own kitchen, a world where I cannot make custom-designed pancakes (I'm pretty imaginative in the kitchen) would be like a world without flowers or sex.