Chemistry Should Only Be Taught Using Gorgeous Microscopic Footage of Chemical Reactions

GIF: Vimeo

Hands-on experiments can make studying chemistry slightly more enjoyable, but the bulk of the learning usually comes from a massive and boring textbook. Maybe the world would have more aspiring chemists if classes were instead taught using these microscopic videos of chemical reactions happening right before your eyes.


The Beauty of Science created Precipitation3, a short film captured through the eye of a microscope revealing multiple chemical reactions where liquid solutions become solids—or precipitates. There are eight reactions in total, including the two highlighted above during which silver nitrate and potassium chromate produce silver chromate, and chromium chloride and sodium carbonate combine to create chromium carbonate... Like we said, just watch the video. It’s far more enjoyable.

[Vimeo via Boing Boing]


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Ph.D. chemist here. Chemistry can be a fascinating topic or the worst class you will ever take, depending on how it is taught. I HATED my first chemistry class. The teacher was boring and didn’t understand what he was teaching. The next class I took had a great teacher who did awesome demonstrations and taught me not only the concepts that I hadn’t picked up in the first class, but that chemistry was interesting. I suspect that schools no longer let teachers blow things up, so maybe these videos can help make the subject interesting to students.