Chicago iPhone 3G and 3GS Users: Send Us Your Speedtest Data!

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Hey Chicago iPhone 3G and 3GS users. Want to help us out? Download the Speedtest app for your iPhone, and run it. Why Chicago? Because AT&T's been testing 7.2Mbps there.

Just download the app, run the test, and take a screenshot (home and power buttons). Then send us the screenshot via your iPhone mail client to with the subject "Chicago Speedtest", and we'll crunch them together to see what the average is. Make sure to let us know whether you're using 3G or 3GS! Oh, and make sure you have Wi-Fi off or the numbers will get all funked up.


Feel free to send in as many entries as you like, if you're moving around during the day and want to get a reading a home, work and on the train.