Chill DJ Will Blow Your Mind With Turntable Wizardry

This is DJ Brace, and this is the video he made to compete in the 2016 DMC Online DJ Championships. He’s made it to the final round where on September 24th he’ll battle 11 other talented DJs live at The Forum in London. And if you give him a listen you’ll know why he’s gotten this far.

Of the twelve DJs left in the mix Brace isn’t the flashiest—that distinction goes to Japan’s DJ Buruaaaa. Nor does he stoop to the level of DJ Throwdown who devotes most of his video to finding new and cocky ways to tell his fellow competitors to fellate him via samples. But in terms of pure musicality, Canada’s Brace seems like a clear frontrunner. If he does come out on top, it will be far from the first competition of its kind he’s won.


Maybe now’s a good time to mention The Avalanches have some new stuff out if you hadn’t heard already. Turntablism lives!

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