Chill With Your Gizmodo Buds and Ask Ed Snowden Anything at The Real Future Fair

Edward Snowden is ready for your questions
Edward Snowden is ready for your questions

Hey, Bay Area readers! Book the day off work and come hang out with Gizmodo and the Real Future team at their annual Real Future Fair in Oakland, CA. Bonus: Ed Snowden.


The event is on November 15th, and our cherished blogger and Paleofuture founder Matt Novak will be speaking, along with Real Future editor Kashmir Hill, Alexis Madrigal, and special guest Edward Snowden. I’ll be there, eager to hear all of the constructive criticism you leave about Gizmodo in the comments, but aloud and to my face. I am told there will be “an endless supply of coffee” as well, along with a nifty VR experience and a movie screening.

Buy your tickets and read more about the day-long event here. Be sure to use the code GIZMODO to receive a discount on your tickets. And if you’ve got a question for Edward, leave it in the comments and we’ll make sure he answers it.

Katie is the editor-in-chief of Gizmodo.

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