China and Portugal Agree: Next-Gen iPods Will Have Cameras (Updated!)

A Portuguese retailer has let slip on two more cases designed for the fifth-gen iPod Nano, and third-gen iPod Touch—and camera placement perfectly matches the Chinese cases Cult of Mac spotted. Update: Pics pulled, cases "available September." Hmmm?

In one of the more interesting pull down notices we've seen in a while, the Portuguese retailer said:

Yesterday a new set of products for iPod in our catalog, we have been asked to remove them. It was then clarified that we were not allowed to publish it. We have immediately accepted to remove that information, and would like to express our sincere apologies to our costumers. We are expecting to make those products available in September.


September eh?

A rumored September keynote (when iPods tend to be announced), apparent iTunes 9 details emerging, mounting case leaks? New iPods are a comin', and it's looking more and more like they'll have cameras. And the tablet? Not until 2010 apparently. Probability Thing-o-Meter back to 70 percent!

New: JIVO TPA Case Blue for iPod Touch 3G


New: JIVO TPA Case Blue for iPod nano 5G


One of more than a dozen case shots that Cult of Mac obtained:


[Obrigado fanático das maçãs for the store tip!]

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