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China installed more than 60 security cameras on one street light

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Paranoid much, China? Cause it sure as hell looks like it when you have more than sixty security cameras strapped onto a single street light. This photograph, taken at an intersection in Shanghai by NetEase, hilariously captures the personal privacy be damned, big brother monster attitude that everyone imagines China to have. It's perfect, really.

Hug China says that these cameras are hovering like pigeons over a street light in Shanghai's Baoshan District. Originally "only" 24 cameras were installed at the intersection, but an extra 36 were added, presumably because they didn't have room for 37. For the record, the company who installed the cameras says that they're there to monitor traffic flow. Mmhmm.


What's most hilarious is that by doing something this ridiculous, it's like China isn't even ashamed of being creepy anymore. It's just all hanging out in the open for everyone to see. No need to hide. No need to fake it.


Supposedly (and thankfully for privacy in China's last shred of dignity), the cameras have been removed from the intersection after the media in China started making a fuss about them. Still, it's so impossibly great that someone thought this was a good idea at one point.