Chipotle's Putting Essays On Its Cups So You Can Brain Up At Lunch

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Sitting at a fast food joint eating by yourself is, at best, kind of boring—what are you gonna watch/read/stare at? Chipotle's new cups and bags, printed with original essays from writers including Malcom Gladwell and Toni Morrison, give you some reading material with your eating material that's maybe more interesting than a nutritional chart. Maybe.

The "Cultivating Thought Author Series," was dreamed up by writer Jonathan Safran Foer while he was sitting at, go figure, a Chipotle one day. Foer gathered original essays written by himself, Malcom Gladwell, Toni Morrison, George Saunders, Sarah Silverman, Michael Lewis, Bill Hader, Judd Apatow, Steven Pinker, and Sheri Fink. You'll find them adorning your soda and chips starting today.

Not everyone is pleased with the project—especially considering the fact that it's being pitched as a "democratic" way to give Americans who "don't have access to libraries, or bookstores" good reading material. That's thoughtful, though anyone who has access to a $7 burrito probably has access to a library, too.


"Must a cup, or bag, suffer an existence that is limited to just one humble purpose, defined merely by its simple function?" the project's website implores. If you're not interested in buying a burrito just to read an essay short enough to fit on a 16 oz. cup, you can read all the submissions right here. Although if you consider gaping at a cup of soda while cramming tacos in your mouth a literary experience, you probably need to raise your standards. And no one will blame you if you just want the lorem ipsum back. [Cultivating Thought via Vanity Fair]

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Sarah Zhang

Chipotle and Jonathan Safran Foer deserve each other.