It's estimated that over 130 million wooden chopsticks are produced every day, and most are destined to end up in the trash after just one use. Sure, wood breaks down a lot better than plastic, but a couple of engineers from Barcelona have a better idea. They're producing chopsticks made from rice husks—an unwanted by-product of rice production.

You can already buy re-usable chopsticks made from materials like ceramic or plastic, but they just don't have the same feel and texture as wooden ones do. And that's what inspired the creation of a new composite material known as Solit Riceit which is made from eco-friendly polymers and rice husks, but still has the same look and feel of wood.

Not only are the Solit Riceit chopsticks an all-around better alternative to ones made from materials like bamboo, their design has also been improved with a removable endcap that holds the chopsticks together when not in use, but doubles as a rest while you're eating.


You unfortunately can't buy the Solit Riceit chopsticks just yet, but a pledge of $28 on its Kickstarter campaign will reserve you a set of eight—assuming its creators reach their funding goal and things go smoothly during production. In other words, the usual caveats of a crowdfunded product apply here. But if it succeeds, it seems like a less guilty alternative to the wooden set you snap apart every time you have sushi for lunch. [Kickstarter - Solit-RiceIt via InventorSpot]