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Chrome Passes Safari To Become #3 Most Used Browser In U.S.

According to StatCounter, Chrome just edged out Safari to become the third most widely used browser in the United States, claiming 8.97% of the market share to Safari's 8.88%. I guess people really responded to that potato gun speed test.


Chrome has been beating Safari globally for a while now, commanding about 9% of international market share to Safari's 4% or so. And Chrome's growth isn't just bummer for the browsers it's leaving in the dust—it's holding back Firefox, too, keeping Mozilla's browser just shy of the 25% market share mark. [Business Wire via BGR]

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Now, if they could get Chrome to play nice with Flash and not crash EVERY time I load a page on my Windows XP work machine, I would love it. That way I could sync Chrome between my work and home computers...