Chuck and FlashForward end with a bang, plus complete insanity on Breaking Bad, and alien solar systems

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We're at the tail end of the spring finales this week as Chuck and FlashForward call it quits (for the summer and forever, respectively). Also, new Ashes to Ashes and Next Generation and Doctor Who marathons.


MONDAY 5/24/10

It's the double-sized season finale of Chuck (8 PM, ABC, Chuck Versus the Subway; Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II). The Ring is onto Chuck and the members of Operation Bartowski, Casey must protect his daughter from the Ring's machinations, and Big Mike receives shocking information about Buy More.

There's a new episode of Alien Solar Systems on Discovery at 9 PM and Alien Moons at 10 PM, and new episode of Sci-Trek (9 PM, "First Contact") on Science. Intergalactically-themed night, folks.

TUESDAY 5/25/10

On a new Ashes to Ashes (10 PM, BBCA), animal rights activists warn of causing havoc in London, and Alex grows more concerned about her survival in modern times.

On PBS at 8:00 PM, there's a NOVA repeat - "Mystery of the Megavolcano" - researchers follow the trail of massive past volcanic eruptions.

There's also a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon from 9 AM - 10 PM on Syfy.



Slow day, but on Animal Planet there's a River Monsters marathon from 8-11 PM. There's also repeats of MonsterQuest on from 8 AM - 3 AM (History).


THURSDAY 5/27/10
On the season finale of FlashForward (8 AM, ABC, "Future Shock"), April 29 rolls around and Mark uncovers the date of the next blackout. Meanwhile, Simon and Demetri break into the NLAP mainframe and Keiko and Bryce try to get their star-crossed mojo going. It's also the last episode of FlashForward ever, so all the cliffhangers you witness tonight will keep you dangling forever.

Fox Movie Channel is playing The Fly (10 PM) and The Fly II (12 AM). Yeah, you're probably fine only watching the first one. Terminator Salvation is also on Cinemax at 10 AM.


Late Night: Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is on Last Call with Carson Daly.

FRIDAY 5/28/10

Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell is on MoreMax at 9 PM.

SATURDAY 5/29/10

Doctor Who is all reruns, but it's a marathon of the season so far (or at least those that have aired stateside) from 8 PM - 2 AM. It's a great time to catch up.


The Lost finale is airing again on ABC at 8 PM. Live the mystery all over again. Or feel the disappointment all over again. It's your prerogative.

SUNDAY 5/30/10

On Breaking Bad (10 PM, AMC, "Abiquiu"), Skyler begins getting in Walt's business, Hank begins his recovery, and Jesse makes a startling discovery.


If you're not familiar with John C. Riley's character Dr. Steve Brule, a good place to start is Adult Swim's new series, Check it Out! With Dr. Steve Brule ("Health," 12:30 AM, Cartoon Network). Riley portrays the epitome of the incompetent local news doctor commentator, as he's frequently perplexed by the basic science of fruit and sex. It's excruciating soft news awkwardness. He's not for everyone, but if you like Andy Kaufman-esque routines - to paraphrase Dr. Brule - check it out, ya big dummy!


There's a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon on BBCA from 9 PM to 5 AM. Screw work!

From 9 AM to 5 AM there's a marathon of a bunch of Syfy aquatic-themed monster flicks. Everything from Sharks in Venice to Dinocroc to the highlight - Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus - at 3 PM.

Up is on Starz at 9 PM.



Dr Emilio Lizardo

Now that "Lost" is done, "Breaking Bad" is the best show on TV.

That is all.