Cingular Files Against Sprint Over Fewest Dropped Calls Claim

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Lots and lots of lawsuits this year. Add these two companies to the list: Sprint and Cingular.


Sprint was challenging Cingular's "fewest dropped calls" claim, and Cingular filed a suit trying to make a judge declare that it actually did have the fewest dropped calls. And of course Sprint has said it would "defend itself vigorously". What happened to the days of playing nice?


Cingular, Sprint Nextel tussle over ads about network quality [RCR News]

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What gets me is that Cingular, now AT&T, have nothing to back up their claims. They didn't test their own network, they didn't contract with a company to do a drive-along, they purchased some garbage, outdated numbers from some unknown outfit. Shortly after this whole thing came out, Sprint was told by another company that they had the fewest dropped calls. What did Sprint do? Nothing. They didn't buy into the numbers. these third-party companies will sell you anything you need. You want to have the highest rated data speeds, there is a company that will claim it for you. The fewest dropped calls? Sure! Pay them and they will make anything up. If you read the Cingular stats, which is so hard to find by the way; the company claimed Cingular had the fewest dropped calls, based on data from some market, at some points in time. And that the fewest dropped calls were only statistical. And when Cingular made the claim on TV, the company said that they had no idea how Cingular came up with those numbers. The company that sold Cingular the claims in the first place wouldn't even back them up. And these numbers were based on tests from 2004. It is 2007 now, where are the updated numbers? How long is Cingular going to make this claim? Are we going to hear about this for the next 20 years. Well after Cingular's network falls apart. Cingular has not won any awards, from any testing companies in years. So how can they win this time? They paid for it. Cold hard cash rated their network best. No need to earn the title, just spend the money and it's yours!