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Hollywood Studios Looking to Stop Network DVR in its Tracks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember the network DVR we mentioned a while back? It seems that those dinosaurs in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue want to shut it down before it's even released by Cablevision, the New York-based cable company that had been planning to release it in the next few weeks. The studios claim that the network DVR's ability to pull down content from Cablevision's servers, rather than from the user's hard drive as is the case with regular DVRs, amounts to "willful copyright infringement." How surprising, the studios want to quell innovation. Who thought that would happen?


In other news, Big Oil is looking to shut down the sun because it provides free energy to the planet.

Cablevision has accused the studios of having no idea of how the underlying technology works, which is probably correct, and of being total jerks. As always with these lawsuits, stay tuned for more info as it develops.


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