Circa News: I Can Haz Newz on My iPhone?

If only the news of the day were as easy to digest as pictures of cats, we'd all be much better informed. That's the idea behind Cheezburger Network founder Ben Huh's latest creation, anyway. Meet Circa News, the streamlined future of your information diet.

What does it do?

Circa is run by a team of editors that are essentially bloggers, compiling a story's important images, facts, quotes, etc. from diverse resources in a central post within the app. You can follow stories you're interested in by tapping a little bookmark icon.


Why do we like it?

There's a lot to read on the Internet, and anything that makes it easier to keep up with the deluge of dispirate information is a godsend. Besides what seems to be some excellent story curation, the app's design is super slick. Unfortunately, since it just launched, Circa News is experiencing intermittent server issues right now.


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